How We Help You Hire Outsourced Employees to Grow Your Online Business

OutsourceFactor connects employers with talented candidates.  We give you an easy way to outsource work

Regular employees are better than task-doing freelancers.  

Instead of hiring freelancers to do a task and move onto the next job, we encourage you to think differently.  Hire someone to work for you on a regular, ongoing basis.  It could be full time or part time.  But it’s consistent.  You get to teach this person about your business.  You grow together.  You get better results when you have a regular, stable set of contributors.

The key to success with hiring your own employees is training.  In some cases you will hire people who already have the skills that you require of them.  But in many cases, because of the varying nature of online businesses, you will want to hire people with great english skills and high general intelligence.  People with these skills will be able to learn whatever you need them to learn in order to help you grow yoru business.


Full time, regular employees at $2.50 per hour. 

The cost to do this can be incredibly effective.  In the Philippines, for example, you can generally hire a full time Virtual Assistant with excellent English skills for about $300 to $400 per month.  That works out to about $2.50 per hour.

We give you a completely free way to connect with talent.  

We’re like Google for online entrepreneurs looking to hire talent.  Go ahead and use our job seeker search engine for free.  Take advantage of the training we provide for you.  We’re happy to help teach you how to post jobs, screen candidates and make hiring decisions.  We give you lots of high quality (and free) training on how to grow your online business.

You are responsible for paying your employees.  

We stay out of the financial details between you and your employees.  You interview them, you hire them and you pay them.  We suggest you use PayPal to make payments.  We help you find the people and we give you training.  The rest is up to you.  

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We’ll have more training that teaches you on how to interview, hire and arrange monthly payments for your workers.  


Job Seekers

How We Can HelpYou Find the Perfect Online Job

OutsourceFactor connects job seekers with great employers


It’s very easy to find an online job these days. 

If you have your own computer and an Internet connection, you can offer your talent to an employer anywhere in the world.  We give you an easy way to find an online job.  

Full time and part time jobs.

No commission jobs.  The employers posting jobs at OutsourceFactor are looking to hire regular employees.  They will offer you a regular job with a monthly salary.

Regular pay.  

Employers at OutsourceFactor are expected to offer you a job with regular pay.  It’s up to you to discuss these terms with your boss.  Usually you’ll arrange payment once per month or once every two weeks.  

No fees. 

We don’t charge you any money to use our site.   You will never be asked to pay any money to apply for a job.  

Work from home. 

Our employers are looking for talented people like you to work from home.  Most of the work is web based.  You could be helping write website content, do search engine optimization, or other specialized skills such as programming or graphics.  You might help with customer support, or do web research for your employer.  Every employer has different needs.  But all of these jobs are legitimate work from home jobs.  

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We’ll give you lots more training.  You need a free account to be able to post your profile, contact employers and apply for jobs. We’ll help you every step of the way!